5 Christmas films to watch this holiday season


5 Christmas films to watch this holiday season

Happy December everyone!

I am so looking forward to this month and everything the holiday season brings along with it!

This month I’m going to try to post more often as well as make some more videos for my YouTube channel! So make sure you’re following this blog to join me in all my Christmas festivities!

For today’s post, I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite Christmas films with ya’ll. If you haven’t watched any of these yet, make sure you do! And if you’ve watched all of them already – watch ’em again!

1. Home Alone

My favourite Christmas film of all time! Watch it every year – it just never gets old. Make sure you get a group of friends and watch it together! Makes it all the more fun.

2. Elf

This is probably the most heartwarming Christmas film, am I right? Okay, never mind Home Alone – THIS one’s my favourite!

3. Arthur Christmas

Because I’ve just gotta throw one in there, this is probably my favourite Christmas animation. High-tech North Pole and secret agent elves? Yes please!

4. The Santa Clause

I grew up watching this so I had to add it to the list!

5. Jingle All the Way

I remember this one just being really funny. And Schwarzenegger’s in it. (Yes, I had to Google how to spell his name.)

I would add Polar Express to the list because I remember really liking it but to be honest, I don’t remember the film at all. (Well, other than the fact that I really liked it!) 😛 And I’m not adding the Grinch cause that movie just downright creeped me out.

What is your favourite Christmas film?



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