How to pass your driver’s test

This is a fun stop motion film I created earlier this afternoon in celebration of passing my driver’s test! And I thought I’d also share some tips that I believe helped me pass!

Disclaimer: I’m not guaranteeing these tips will make you pass your driver’s test but they are helpful to keep in mind!

1. Book some driving lessons a couple weeks in advance 

Tbh, I don’t think I would have passed it it were not for taking lessons. I took 5 lessons, the first one two weeks before my test and the last one just an hour before my test. By taking lessons, I was made aware what the examiners are looking for as well as how to be a good and safe driver! I highly recommend Galaxy Driving School if you are in the lower mainland area.

2. Be well rested before the test

I know this can be hard to do because our nerves like to act up the night before a test, but choose not to think about it! That’s what I did and I actually managed to have a really good night’s sleep which helped me stay more alert during my test!

3. Always be aware of your surroundings

While you drive, make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings. Make very visible shoulder checks and constantly be scanning the road. Also make sure you’re keeping an eye out for road signs – especially school zone signs!

4. Know the road hazards

At one point during the road test, your examiner will ask you for some hazards. Some hazards to consider are: weather (sunny? rainy? wet?), pedestrians, parked cars, oncoming traffic, hills or curves in the road, driveways, hidden side streets, kids (if you’re in a school zone). By knowing the hazards, you’ll also be more prepared in case of an emergency.

5. Finally, be calm and confident! 

During your test, relax! Instead of focusing on the examiner and their expectations, focus on driving comfortably and safely! It also helps if you drive around the test course for an hour before your test to practice, calm yourself, and build confidence!

Just keep this in mind: if you’re meant to pass you’ll pass! But if you’re not meant to pass, then that’s fine too! You can always try again!


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