January in Instagrams

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My advice to you this year: Always lick the spoonÂ đŸ“·: @sabrinawiebe

My first Instagram of the year included some good advice from Victoria. Always lick the spoon because, well – why not?

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So today I took a tumble down the stairs. Actually I rode half way down in a box and then tumbled the rest of the way.đŸ“·: @sabrinawiebe

So this month I thought it’d be fun to ride down the stairs in a box and now I’ll never look at a banana box the same. If you ever injure yourself somehow, try this. It’ll make you feel a lot better – trust me! 😉

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Fly back to me soon Bella 💗

I hung out with my little cousins a lot this month and I hope this year will be full of that. They’re my faves! Last week they went on vacation so I haven’t seen them for a little while. Can’t wait to see their adorable faces again! (The above photo is from this post.)

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I was so blessed to be at Missions Fest. Sorry that was very cheesy. #missionsfest2016

Yesterday a big group of us from my church went to the annual Missions Fest in downtown Vancouver. We all had so much fun and I was so encouraged in my faith! Post about that is coming soon!

What is your highlight from January?

My Favourite Lifestyle Blogs

I’m gonna switch things up a bit here by sharing three of my favourite lifestyle blogs as I think it’s always fun to discover new bloggers!



James is the talented woman behind this blog. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, four adorable kids, and cutest pets and blogs the bits and pieces of their lives as well as everything else under the sun!

Bethany Menzel

Bethany Menzel

Bethany is the inspiring woman behind this Vancouver-based blog. She actually lives not too far away from me so it’s fun to see familiar places in her posts. She also has the cutest little family whose lives she shares on her blog!

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New Darlings

Robert and Christina are the adorable couple behind this Phoenix, Arizona-based blog where they share snippets of their lives. Their home, life, and personal style is amazing and so inspiring!

What are your favourite lifestyle blogs?

I Surrender / Yoga Camp Day 18

I enjoyed today’s practice! It felt really nice to really stretch out my body while building some stretch and flexibility.

What a great practice for the mantra I surrender. What great timing again as later that day at youth group we sang two songs that had the mantra in them!

This reminds me of day 14’s practice Go with the Flow. In order to be able to go with the flow we must first surrender to the big picture. When we surrender, we’re choosing to loosen our grip on things. It’ll be easier to voluntarily do that now than when they’re forcefully taken away from us.

To surrender means to submit or yield to. And it isn’t easy. We like to think we’re in control when really we’re not. Things are going to happened to us that we have no control over. But even when things appear to be out of control, they’re really not. God is handling it and it’s all in His great plan!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my future again. While it’s not bad to make plans, I have heard from a lot of people that things usually don’t turn out as planned. But that’s okay because most the time I’ve heard they turn out even better. And since God’s the one in control, I can willingly surrender my life and plans to Him knowing that His plan is always greater.

I choose to surrender to God and the big picture. Do you?