I am Supported / Yoga Camp Day 6

Yoga Camp Postcard

We all need a good ab workout every once in a while! And no, that doesn’t include doing sit ups in bed before you finally decide to get up or laughing until – well – your abs hurt. 😉

I actually really enjoyed today’s practice because it was a much “gentler” core workout. I mean you didn’t already have to have rock hard abs to get through it. Rather, Adriene personalized it for you and where you are today!

But if you’d like a quick, to-the-point core yoga workout, try this one out! It’s one of my faves. 🙂

Moving on, I really appreciated today’s mantra. I am supported. What a fitting mantra to keep in mind as we journeyed through today’s practice! It kept me mindful of my body. Which areas need a little more support?

But it also kept me mindful in the – well – mind!

Having people around you who are supportive of you and your ambitions is one thing, but what about being supportive of yourself?

It’s often said that we’re our worst enemy. And I definitely think that’s true. I believe supporting ourselves is part of learning how to love ourselves! 

I’m gonna quote Adriene here because I think what she said today in her daily e-mail perfectly sums up what I’m trying to get at here.

“Support your intentions, your dreams and your desires.”

Just as we learned how to support our back in today’s practice, let’s support ourselves in achieving our dreams! 

And once you’re able to do that, sky’s the limit my friend!

Because honestly, there’s no such thing as a silly ambition. Maybe it’s silly for someone else, but that doesn’t make it silly for you!

I mean the dream of walking on the moon probably seemed silly to some people but not to Neil Armstrong it wasn’t! And guess what? That’s right you guessed it – he walked on the moon! In Neil’s case, sky wasn’t even the limit!

Can you tell yourself “I am supported”? Are you going to support your dreams today?


2 thoughts on “I am Supported / Yoga Camp Day 6

  1. Yes I am ready to support my dreams! It’s easy to want to please, but God has created us so uniquely, so of course we’re going to have different ideas for ourselves than lots of people! Supporting our desires is definitely an act of strength in our demanding world, but so good for us to do. It also gives us leeway to allow God to show us what He wants us to do, because we’re not so caught up in listening to our peers. Rather, we’re more attentive to hearing from God, and listening to His call for our lives.

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