I Choose / Yoga Camp Day 8

yoga camp postcard

Okay, sorry I’ve been falling behind lately on my yoga camp posts. But they’re still coming! Hopefully I’ll get around to typing out today’s practice today.

But I’m going to talk as if yesterday’s practice were today because – well – I did it today. 🙂

And I’m so glad I did! I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning for church and so I slid out of bed with my fluffy pillow and practiced on my bedroom floor.

This practiced slowly woke me up and ignited energy in my body. While I was working through the video, I kept thinking “I could have done this from my bed!” and so next time I probably will! 🙂 Maybe I’ll add this to my morning routine.

Today’s mantra was I choose. There are a lot of things we can choose. Life is all about making choices! But today’s practice helped inspire what I’m choosing today.

I choose to take it slow and cherish every breath and every moment. 

I have a tendency to go fast. I talk fast, I walk fast, I drive fast (shh!). This morning I actually wanted to skip yoga because I needed to get out the door fast. But I decided – I chose – to take it slow instead. And I’m so glad I did.

We like to move through life fast. But when we go to fast, we miss everything that’s happening around us.

So today I choose to take life slow and pay more attention to the present than the future or the past! 

How about you? What do you choose today?


2 thoughts on “I Choose / Yoga Camp Day 8

  1. That’s so awesome, Victoria! You’re right; life is about making choices – all.the.time. There isn’t a moment in the day where we escape from having to choose something. What an interesting thought.

    Personally, I choose to be more attentive to other people’s lives, and to savour every day – and to thank God for it! I have a tendency to often wallow in my own self pity when I’m having a bad or stressful day…or at least when I feel like my day could be better. And of course, this sets a negative tone for the rest of the day, or days to come even. Which is not what I want at all! I CHOOSE to remember that everyday is a gift – that the only reason we’re breathing is because of GOD – and that I actually have the ability to make a grey day bright again, with the right heart attitude. God didn’t create us to live a dreary life! And this definitely takes the focus off of me – God can use a joyful spirit!

    And about being more attentive to other people’s lives: I strive to always make sure I’m available to be a listening ear if someone needs to be heard, and like you said, to be most involved in the present!

    1. Thank you for sharing! I love how you stated that. (I’m gonna quote you here 😉 ) “There isn’t a moment in the day where we escape from having to choose something.” It is an interesting thought!

      And great choice, Sharaya! What a good reminder.

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