I am Present / Yoga Camp Day 10

tree pose

I really liked today’s practice. There was a good mix of everything in there. And even though it was 40 minutes, it didn’t feel that long to me. And I think I know the reason why.

Today’s mantra was I am present. As you probably remember from my earlier yoga camp posts, I’ve been trying to be present. And you know what? I think it’s definitely been having a positive effect on me.

Firstly, I’ve been able to concentrate better on my present tasks and fall asleep easier at night because my mind isn’t consumed with thoughts about the future.

Secondly, my yoga practices have been feeling shorter even though they’re starting to get longer again! Why? Because I have been present throughout my practices instead of looking ahead and wondering when it’s gonna be over so I can carry on with my day.

I’m not going to talk too much more about being present because I think I’ve talked quite a bit about that in previous posts. So I’m just going to refer you to those posts instead.

Read this on creating space for what’s present and most important in life and this on choosing to take life slow so you can cherish every moment.

Already read them? Great! Read ’em again! It’ll serve as a great reminder. 🙂

I am present. Are you?


2 thoughts on “I am Present / Yoga Camp Day 10

  1. I sure am striving to be present! (Like I mentioned in my previous comments) 😉 It’s definitely hard, at least for me. Especially because big and exciting things are awaiting me in the future, and it’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of it all that my mind is never really always…present. So, reminder again: life is short. God has a plan. Being present makes all the difference because it’s hard for God to use me if my mind is always else where! I want to always be coherent to what God’s trying to tell me, and aware of what’s going on around me, because I could miss some big things, or even a small chance to bless someone’s life.

    Wow, writing my thoughts out like this is super eye opening! I’m grateful for this opportunity, as
    journaling isn’t currently on my list of priorities, but discussing thoughts here is super fun and motivating! Thanks Victoria! 🙂

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