Go with the Flow / Yoga Camp Day 14

yoga camp postcard

It felt nice to do a little more of a yoga workout today! Especially a vinyasa flow. When I wanted to give up, I found tapping into my breath really helped me endure through it.

Being mindful of our breath isn’t something we normally do since it’s an involuntary thing that happens all the time. But isn’t it neat how through yoga we can give our breath a little more attention and be reminded to give thanks for it?

As for the mantra, it really spoke to me. Go with the flow. I never considered myself  as someone who resists the flow. But I realized that I actually do.

I admit that I am a control freak. I like to have everything planned out and I expect that everything and everyone will follow through with that plan.

But I can remember so many times when I made plans and it didn’t go the way I pictured it would and instead of just shaking it off and going with the flow, I resisted in order to try and fix what couldn’t be fixed. This reminds me of someone hanging onto a rope and being dragged along in the sand.

When I look back and remember those moments, I regret them. I felt frustration and made things difficult for myself and for those around me.

So today I choose to go with the flow. When things don’t go the way I expected they would, I choose to shake it off and move on.

After all, God is the One who is ultimately in control and He knows what’s best for my life. Resisting against the flow is basically resisting against God. And we all know that whoever tries to resist against God will not succeed!

What causes you to resist? Will you choose to let it go and instead go with the flow?


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