I am Worthy / Yoga Camp Day 20


I must say, yoga camp has been very good so far. I participated in last year’s 30 day yoga challenge, but the practices weren’t as deep. I still recommend you check out those videos though! I may just go through another 30 day yoga challenge after this one! 🙂

Today’s practice was very deep again. Lots of mindful breathing, stretching, and working out.

I also want to point out again how much fun it is to do yoga with other people! I’ve never actually been to a public class before (I keep intending to though! 2016?) since I usually just do Adriene’s videos by myself at home. But when my sister started joining me halfway through yoga camp (I converted her into a yogi!) it just got a whole lot more fun – and she’s been really motivating me! So shout out to Sabrina! 🙂

Today’s mantra kinda puzzled me. I am worthy. But what does it really mean to “be worthy”? Well, as usual asked Google and there are two ways I look at it and both have to do with mantras from previous yoga practices.

The first way I translate “I am worthy” is “I deserve”. So I’m gonna refer you back to day 13!

The second way I translate “I am worthy” is “I respect”. I talked about that in my last yoga camp post so give that a read here!

What does “I am worthy” mean to you?


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