I am Strong / Yoga Camp Day 25

I must say, this yoga practice really pushed me to my limit! I haven’t done a side plank in so long I was shaking so bad! Haha! But it’s nice to do a harder yoga workout every once in a while. But my legs are feeling it today!

I am strong. That’s what I kept reminding myself of throughout the practice. I’ve heard that sometimes all it takes is one thought to make you able to do it. I believe it! And this is what yoga camp is really about. Training our minds to think positively! Because once we believe it, we can do it!

“I am strong” reminds me of “I am capable”. So I’m just going to refer you back to day 7. Give that a read if you haven’t already. But if you have, give it a read again! It’ll be a good refresher.

I am strong. Are you?


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