I Attract // Yoga Camp Day 26

Hey – I’m back! And wow was today’s practice just a really, really, really good one!

So no, I haven’t given up on yoga! I just took a little break from yoga camp and explored some other of Adriene’s practices on her YouTube channel as well as did a little freestyle. 🙂 I think I needed to take a break from thinking too much about mantras – to just give my mind a rest and enjoy the practice. But now I’m back and boy am I ever glad!

I realized just how much I really love yoga. It’s been so good for me – I can really feel it! I’ve noticed a drastic increase in strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in me over my yoga journey. When I’m taking care of my body, I’m able to face the day with more focus and energy!

So as I mentioned earlier, I needed to give my mind a break from mantras. So today instead of thinking too hard about what I attract means to me, I decided to just accept and embrace whatever came to mind first. For me, that was I attract positivity, joy, love, and good things. 

And I’m gonna leave it at that! I want to attract positive, good, and happy things. Things that will make me a better person and make the world a better place.

What does “I attract” mean to you?


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