How to stay warm + look fashionable

Everyone wants to look good and feel good but finding that perfect medium can sometimes be tricky on the cooler days. We’ve all seen those people walking down the street in oversized parkas but we’ve also seen those people who are under-dressed for the weather. Here’s some layering tips you may have never thought of that will make you both look good and feel good at the same time.

1. Layer jeans underneath dresses 

Try wearing skinny jeans underneath flowy dresses to avoid looking frumpy.

2. Layer long-sleeves under short ones

Can’t wear short-sleeves in the wintertime? Instead of always throwing on a cardi, try layering a long-sleeved tee underneath for a change.

3. Wear a blanket

Don’t want to leave the warmth of your blanket? Then don’t! No one will ever know.

4. Wear cute socks

Don’t feel bad to cover up those ankles and show off your cute socks!

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