I am Grateful // Yoga Camp Day 27

Wow, it feels like it’s been forever since I did a “hard-core” flow. It was hard but it was good! I’m gonna jump right into today’s mantra I am grateful because it just ties in with how I felt during today’s practice.

Adriene kept saying that gratitude is the best medicine – and it really is. Gratitude changes everything. It makes you search for the silver lining in tough situations. It makes you appreciate the little things that make up life. It makes you a genuinely happier person.

When we went into the “second round of flow” as I’m gonna call it, I honestly was struggling. Why is this so hard? Why can’t I keep up? But then Adriene said something that made me appreciate the struggle.

I tried to look through the video and quote exactly what she said but I don’t have the time so instead I’m gonna paraphrase it. 🙂

“Be grateful for your limbs.”

Okaayy that kinda sounds weird. Haha but have you ever really gave thanks for your limbs?! I know I haven’t! So maybe my arms and legs aren’t as strong or fast as I want them to be. But I am grateful.

Gratitude is the best medicine and it changes everything.

I talked about gratitude a little bit in the beginning of yoga camp (the very first post actually!) so I’m gonna link it here for you to read. I talked about it from a different angle so it’s gonna be different than what I said here. But give it a read! It may change the way you view gratitude! 🙂

I am grateful. Are you?


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