I Celebrate // Yoga Camp Day 28

I enjoyed today’s practice. I know you’re probably sick of me saying that because I say it every time but it’s true! Each practice seems to fit perfectly with the mood of my day. And I guess I was feeling pigeon pose today. 🙂

I remember when I first tried the pigeon pose, I just went all in and ended up really hurting myself. That was before yoga camp. Throughout these 28 days I’ve been learning how to be more mindful throughout my practice and really listen to my body. I’m proud to say that today I resisted to urge to “make the shape” (as Adriene calls it) and instead took it slowly and mindfully.

And what a perfect mantra for international women’s day?! I celebrate!

Today I celebrated the person God made me to be. I am unique! I am special! I am strong! But guess what? You are too! YOU are unique! YOU are special! YOU are strong!

God made us all equally but differently. Today I want to celebrate those differences and encourage you to do the same! Let’s celebrate each other! It’s one big party and we’re all invited! Now where’s the cake?!

What do YOU want to celebrate?


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