I Love // Yoga Camp Day 29

I’m just gonna jump right into talking about today’s mantra because I thought it was just so awesome. After these 29 days of learning how to love ourselves, we get the chance to actually say it. “I love myself. 

Today, I was ready to say it. I was ready to accept, embrace, support, respect, believe, and celebrate myself for who I am. But as Adriene said, “Even if you don’t believe it … say it anyway.” Thoughts have such an impact on us. Even if you don’t believe it now, over time you will start to.

Today I may love myself but tomorrow I may not. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to reach that point here on Earth where we truly love ourselves every day. There will always be days or moments that negative self-talk slips back into our lives. So we must keep being reminded to love ourselves.

Adriene mentioned something in her e-mail. “Please know that you have an admirer out there … me.” But guess what? There’s an even bigger admirer out there – our Creator, our Saviour, our God, our friend.

On those days when “I love myself” doesn’t cut it, knowing “God loves me” will.

I choose to love myself. Will you?


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