Free Yoga Calendar Printables

We all want those bikini bodies for the summer but by the time that season rolls around we usually get lazy and slack off when it comes to personal fitness. I know I did last summer! But this year it’s gonna be different.

I’ve created a yoga calendar that corresponds with my work days. My friend/colleague and I will be doing a yoga practice together every morning before work with the exception of the week we’re running the kids soccer camp we’re planning.

Yoga Calendar - June

I thought I’d post those calendars here for you guys just incase you wanted a yoga schedule that you could either strictly or loosely follow. These also include only my favourite practices from Yoga With Adriene so you can also pick and choose which practices you’d like to do each day!

Yoga Calendar - July

Good luck on your summer fitness journey! 🙂

Calendars created by myself, background images via Design Love Fest

Take 5

I’m a graduated girl now! Thursday was my graduation ceremony, dinner & dance! Anyways without further ado, here’s this week’s take 5!


1. Disney has released the teaser trailer for Beauty & the Beast!

2. An inspiring article written by a woman dealing with lupus.

3. Can’t stop listening to Hello by Hedley. This song’s been on repeat!

4. Buy a Stay Gold shirt to support the BC Women’s NICU and…

5. Read the incredible story behind it here.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

This summer I’ll be working a 9-5-type job four days a week and will probably end up eating out a lot. To save both money and my health, I’ve decided to make a meal plan each week. Plan quick & nutritious breakfasts for the mornings and healthy lunches that can easily be taken along, stored, and eaten at work.

So as I’ve been browsing Pinterest for healthy meal ideas, I’ve come across a few really good-looking recipes that I wanna try out this summer and have decided to share my findings here on the blog.


First off: breakfast! Cereal is a very quick option but not necessarily a healthy one. While I’m a cereal junkie, I think it’s a good idea I explore some other breakfast foods.

A balanced breakfast should consist of 1) vegetables or fruit, 2) grains, 3) dairy or dairy alternatives, 4) protein.

1. Steel cut oatmeal: Get your grains (oats), dairy (milk), fruit (e.g. craisins) & protein (e.g. nuts)

2. Peanut butter banana toast: Get your grains (toast), protein (peanut butter) & fruit (bananas) with some yogurt or milk on the side

3. Overnight oats: Get your grains (oats), protein (chia seeds & almonds), dairy (almond milk) & fruit (blueberries)

4. Berry yogurt parfait: Get your grains (oats), fruit (berries), dairy (yogurt) & protein (add chia seeds or nuts)

5. Acai bowl: Get your fruit & veggies (berries & kale), protein (chia seeds) & dairy (milk)

Other healthy breakfast options to consider: smoothies, muffins, omelettes & of course cereal (the healthy kind!) 🙂