Earth Super Hero // Emma Watson


Not only is Emma Watson one of my favourite actresses but she’s also a very inspiring woman. At this year’s Met Gala she wore a beautiful dress mostly made from – you’d never guess by the looks of it! – recycled plastic bottles. Talk about being an earth super hero!


In her interview with CNN, Emma brings to our awareness that “the fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant of fresh water on the planet”. 


Trends are constantly progressing and out-dated fashion is being thrown away. I say it’s time we stop chasing after what is temporary and settle with something that lasts.

So welcome to the world of slow fashion. I’m just starting to dip my toes into this brilliant realm of resourcefulness.

Slow fashion basically follows the rule of “quality over quantity” and it affects both people and the planet in a positive way. Give this article a read. It contains all the information you need about slow fashion.

Also give this blog a read. Caroline (you may remember me talking about her here) is starting to switch her blog focus towards slow fashion. She’s sharing her journey there just as she did her capsule wardrobe journey before!

Thank you for inspiring us to take care of our earth, Emma! You shone the brightest on that red carpet. 

Who is your earth super hero?


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