Healthy Breakfast Ideas

This summer I’ll be working a 9-5-type job four days a week and will probably end up eating out a lot. To save both money and my health, I’ve decided to make a meal plan each week. Plan quick & nutritious breakfasts for the mornings and healthy lunches that can easily be taken along, stored, and eaten at work.

So as I’ve been browsing Pinterest for healthy meal ideas, I’ve come across a few really good-looking recipes that I wanna try out this summer and have decided to share my findings here on the blog.


First off: breakfast! Cereal is a very quick option but not necessarily a healthy one. While I’m a cereal junkie, I think it’s a good idea I explore some other breakfast foods.

A balanced breakfast should consist of 1) vegetables or fruit, 2) grains, 3) dairy or dairy alternatives, 4) protein.

1. Steel cut oatmeal: Get your grains (oats), dairy (milk), fruit (e.g. craisins) & protein (e.g. nuts)

2. Peanut butter banana toast: Get your grains (toast), protein (peanut butter) & fruit (bananas) with some yogurt or milk on the side

3. Overnight oats: Get your grains (oats), protein (chia seeds & almonds), dairy (almond milk) & fruit (blueberries)

4. Berry yogurt parfait: Get your grains (oats), fruit (berries), dairy (yogurt) & protein (add chia seeds or nuts)

5. Acai bowl: Get your fruit & veggies (berries & kale), protein (chia seeds) & dairy (milk)

Other healthy breakfast options to consider: smoothies, muffins, omelettes & of course cereal (the healthy kind!) 🙂


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