Life & Blog Update

Hi friends! I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately and that’s because of two things.

Firstly, I’ve been busy working all summer organizing a kids soccer camp. It’s amazing how much planning goes into a week-long camp and although it’s been exhausting it’s been fun at the same time. But that means coming home tired from a long day’s work and not having any energy to create posts for the blog.

However that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any blog-related stuff and that leads me to my second reason.

With the free time I’ve got, I’ve been working on completely rebranding my blog. This means a new site, new name, new content, new everything! And not only am I working on a blog but also on – get ready for it…drumroll please! – a YouTube channel!

As much as I love writing and photography, I also love creating films. So not only have I been hard at work coming up with new content for the blog, but I’ve also been brainstorming video ideas!

Now you may be wondering, “Victoria, when are you going to launch your new brand?” Good question my friend! For now I’m thinking sometime in the fall. It really depends on how much content I have ready to launch and where I am financially. But for now anticipate a fall launch!


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