Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Things you should consider before you purchase your next pair of shoes.


I used to never get the hype about shoes. Why were women stereotyped for being obsessed with shoes?! But now I totally get it. As of right now there are 186 pins on my Pinterest board dedicated to shoes and it’s growing. But shoes are important! They not only look stylish but also protect your feet.

It’s very easy to get carried away with shoes. I know my shoe collection has grown significantly and pretty soon they won’t all fit on my shoe rack. (In fact it’s at maximum capacity already.) So this fall, I want to downsize and be more mindful when making my next shoe purchase. Here’s how.


Put your health before style.

Too many times have I bought shoes just because they looked cute. And I had to pay the consequences. I now have to deal with a fallen arch because I didn’t think about supporting it. And if not dealt with a fallen arch can turn into a series of problems for the feet, knees, hips, etc. Now whenever I buy shoes, I make sure they have proper arch support (Birkenstocks are amazing for this!) or can fit an insole inside it.

Don’t follow trends.

Shoes, along with many other things, can be faddy. They’re here one day and gone the next. Instead of following trends, I like to buy shoes that fit my style and not the style of society. This results in less $$$ spent keeping up with what’s in fashion and less shoes being wasted.

Consider investing. 

Yes shoes can be expensive. But a lot of times it’s worth it. For example, my Birks had a bigger price tag but it was worth it in the long run since they saved my fallen arch. I’ve also had this one pair of boots for years and years and I love them! So instead of buying your next pair of shoes on an impulse because they’re cheap – think long term. What’s gonna last you? Usually it ends up being a better bang for the buck.

Do you have any other tips for being mindful when buying shoes?


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